Brian Mastro, 20, is a lifelong Mets & Cyclones fan from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Brian has been a Cyclones fan since 2001 & a Mets fan since he was a kid. Brian is aspiring to be a meteorologist, so he is the fan to talk when it comes to rain delays.


Brian’s favorite managers have been Edgar Alfonzo and Wally Backman. When asked who his Favorite Cyclones plan of all time was, he listed his Top 10: Cory Vaughn, Joe Bonfe, Joe Holden, Dustin Martin, Mike Jacobs, Jason Jacobs, Daniel Murphy, Angel Pagan, Hamilton Bennett, & Ralph Henriquez. His favorite giveaway is the reversible drawstring bag that’s modeled after the Cyclones home and road jerseys given out in 2007. Brian still uses it when he comes to MCU Park, stating how good the quality is and how nice it looks.


Brian is a Season Ticket Holder in Section 16, Row F. In 2001, his family went to a handful of games. The following season, they had a mini plan. Over time, they would become full season ticket holders. His favorite moments at MCU Park have been: the final homestand of the ‘07 season vs the Lowell Spinners. Matt Bouchard’s hit a walk off HR (while wearing pink jerseys), During the final game of the season, the Cyclones clinched the division on a walk off balk.

His other favorite moment was when Pat Venditte faced Ralph Ralph Henriquez. As Brian put it “We had noticed before the start of the game that a player on the SI Yankees had the letter “S” in the throws column on the roster sheet. We assumed this was a typo but noticed during his warm up pitches that he did in fact switch his throwing arm. Sadly, the 1st 3 Cyclones were all righties so we couldn’t see him switch. Thankfully, Nick Giarraputo singled bringing up Ralph Henriquez. Giving us switch pitcher vs switch hitter. I love that I can say I was at a baseball game that lead to the creation of a new rule. To me, this moment shows how truly great baseball is, I have been to over 500 baseball games in my life & each time I go, I can see something that I have never seen before. Before Ralph Henriquez stepped in against Pat Venditte, nothing like that had ever happened before in the 100+ year history of baseball, & nothing like it will ever happen again. It also goes to show why people should never leave early, because you never know what you might miss.”


During Brian’s first game at MCU Park, he was interviewed by the NY Times. He was featured on the cover of the Metro Section. Here is a photo of it!brian ol


“I have been coming to Cyclones games since ‘01, I love being able to watch the Cyclones & then a few years later be able to watch some of those same players in Flushing. One of my favorite things to do is the “Day of Baseball” with a day game in Flushing and a night game at Coney Island. There’s always at least a couple of days each summer where the schedule works out. This summer, I do not know how many games I will be able to attend, as a junior in college I am currently in search of internships in Meteorology for the summer. Regardless of where my potential internship takes me I will be in Coney Island for at least a few games. Hopefully I get one in NY, so I can still come to the majority of games. Let’s Go Cyclones!”


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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