qmeme_1400817800370_396Yesterday, I went to the Big East Tournament at MCU Park. During that time, Cyclones VP Steve Cohen & Cyclones Director of Communications Billy Harner answered some questions I had. I also got to check out the new ThunderBolt roller coaster & looking at the Cyclones pocket schedule gave me some answers I was looking for.

Tom Signore Expected to Serve as Pitching Coach

4726cd56b317df549250c13ecb095a1f.200Tom Signore, who was named Cyclones Pitching Coach, has been in Las Vegas (AAA) filling in for Frank Viola. Viola underwent heart surgery in the spring and has been recuperating. Viola is expected to be medically cleared to resume coaching duties in the next few weeks. Once he is cleared, Signore will be sent to Brooklyn to serve as Pitching Coach.

MCU Park’s Golden Voice to Return

12874287_10153279908387581_317665099_oMark Fratto, the man with the golden voice behind the mic at MCU Park since August 2010, will make his return to the mic this season. Fratto missed the last few weeks of the 2013 season to travel with St. John’s, where he serves as Senior Associate Director of Athletic Communications. Fratto is known for his pleasant voice and professional approach to his job.

Lego & Tada

coachesThe Cyclones have confirmed that Kiyoshi Tada, who served as Cyclones Athletic Trainer during the 2011 season, will be back with the Cyclones in 2014. Brooklyn Native Joe Lego joins the Cyclones for his 1st year in the Mets organization. Lego will serve as Strength & Conditioning Coach. Lego is a graduate of LIU Brooklyn and his graduation was held at MCU Park.

The New ThunderBolt

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 Coney Island has been changing a lot over the last few years. Astroland closed in 2009 and was replaced with Luna Park in 2010. Scream Zone opened in 2011. The Parachute Jump got LED Lighting, the B&B Carousell opened and the Astro Tower was torn down last summer. New stores such as It’s Sugar, Applebees, & Nets Shop by Adidas have come to Coney Island as well. The latest addition to the Coney Island Skyline is the ThunderBolt, a new roller coaster. The ThunderBolt is part of Luna Park. The lot where the Thunderbolt now stands was vacant and full of overgrown weeds for years. While the roller coaster looks like it is right behind the outfield wall, it is actually closer to 15th Street than Kensington Walk (16th Street). The odds of a ball hitting the roller coaster is highly unlikely. The Cyclones hope that it is not too distracting to the batters.

Steal of a Deal:  $25 Jacket

photoWhile in the team store, I noticed this great deal. For only $25, you can get this Cyclones rain slicker. Avoid getting wet (or sweaty when it’s humid) with this thin, water resistant jacket! Cyclones Fan Abe Saff picked one up!

Anthem Auditions

Steve Cohen informed me that National Anthem Auditions will take place on Thursday, June 5th. More info will be available from the Brooklyn Cyclones FaceBook page.

All Star Cups

Every Wednesday this season at MCU Park, the Cyclones will be giving out Collectors Cups with photos of every Brooklyn Cyclones All Star on them. There are 6 of them, so make sure to collect all of them! Wednesday’s include $10 tickets as well, making this an affordable night out with a great giveaway!

Social Scoreboard

Billy Harner confirmed that the Cyclones are no longer having their Social Scoreboard, but two new social media projects will be launched.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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