Less than a week into the Brooklyn Baseball Card Contest, 3 loyal fans are the front runners in the contest.

241401974767.jpgRob Weiner, a longtime fan who is liked by many, is sitting in 3rd place.

Rob has lots of luck in online contests. He won Brooklyn Baseball Banter’s Irish Night Night Getup poll a few months ago. He scored very high on the Cyclones Social Scoreboard in 2011. 2 years ago, he came in 2nd & won Cyclones tix from a Facebook contest by seeing who can get the most LIKES on his comment.

With plenty of friends to support him, Rob will be tough to beat. Don’t be shocked if Rob uses his adorable daughter Sara as a way to get votes. He currently has 28 votes.

181401846553.jpgRalph Schneider, another longtime fan, is sitting in 2nd with 32 votes.

The Season Ticket Holder from Section 12 is hoping to be included in the team set so much, he has a baseball pose.

With plenty of longtime fans he is friendly with, Ralph can make the contest interesting. Don’t be shocked if the players begin to endorse Ralph.

141402072134.jpgDaniel Weiss, the Brooklyn Cowbell Guy & the Editor in Chief of Brooklyn Baseball Banter, leads the contest with over 80 votes. Weiss, however, will be far from easy to take down.

Daniel entered the contest later than Rob & Ralph, but has amassed a lot of votes in such short time. Daniel has won numerous Facebook contests with the Brooklyn Nets, Newark Bears, CUNYAC & other organizations. With plenty of friends & fans who support the Cowbell Guy, Weiss has built a big lead early on. Daniel has plenty of professional experience getting votes, having served as Assistant Campaign Manager & Director of Social Media for a NYC City Council Campaign last summer.

Good luck to all the contestants!


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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