With one homestand completed, it is time to look at some new, much needed additions to MCU Park

1: More prominent player stats.

10462924_804204866256393_5645040624360712021_nFor the past few years, many fans complained that the scoreboard did not show the players stats, but showed their position and residence. Now the stats are shown during the players 1st at bat of the game. While it was done last year, it is more visible this year. However, in later at bats, we do not get such great info, as the auxiliary monitor beneath the scoreboard show how the player has done so far, but that is usually replaced by an ad after a few seconds.


2: Credit Card Machines

DSC03664For many years, MCU Park was not wired to accept credit cards. Many fans began to question why a ballpark built in 2001 did not accept credit cards, when other ballparks, some of which have been around over 50 years, did accept credit and debit. A few fans even suggested that it was a way for Wilpon make more money by not losing a credit card fee and as a way to lie about finances. This season, most concession stands at MCU Park now accept credit cards.

3: A New Kosher Stand?

DSC03663Since KeySpan Parked opened it’s doors in 2001, the Brooklyn Cyclones have always had a Kosher stand serving hot dogs, knishes and more. Over the years, fans have experienced different Kosher vendors. Strikly Kosher was replaced by Kosher Sports. Seasons, which was known for providing a big selection of wraps, sushi, candy and more cold food lasted only 2 seasons. Keep It Kosher LLC, known for their selection of sausages, to the delight of many (myself included), only lasted 1 season in Brooklyn.

However, in 2014, MCU Park doesn’t have a real Kosher Stand. This season, Aramark operates the Kosher Stand, providing all Kosher packaged food (consisting of wraps & sandwiches) from Fresko Fresh. For longtime fans, myself included, not having Glatt Kosher Hot Dogs, Sausages or Knishes is very upsetting.

However, 2 former vendors answered an email from Brooklyn Baseball Banter and explained why they no longer provide food. One stated that they felt it was time to move on and focus resources towards bigger sports venues. The other vendor told Brooklyn Baseball Banter that he was not making enough money, even after lowering his prices.

It is not known if a real vendor will be brought in on Jewish Heritage Day (July 6th) or in the near future.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  1. Mike S. says:

    As of Wed. July 16th there was a Kosher stand serving hot dogs, pretzels, etc. They only took cash, no credit cards. Nothing exotic, but still hot and tasty. Also the ‘mini-melts’ Dippin-Dots style ice cream is certified Kosher as well.


    • I’ve tried the food at the new Kosher stand. It’s alrite. The sausages should have peppers & onions. $7.50 is worse than the last guy

      The ice cream mix used in the ice cream stands have a Kof-K on them, so some Jews, myself included, have it while some don’t.


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