qmeme_1404243506500_156Seinfeld night is gonna be a madhouse. Over 9,000 will be there & only 1/3 of them will get Keith Hernandez Bobbleheads.

Here are some tips for that night.


  1. Get in line early, even if you have STH Early Entry. You want to guarantee that you will get one. Those “Once a year people” will be there as well.
  2. Bring something to keep you entertained, like a book.
  3. Bring food & water. You will probably get hungry while waiting.
  4. Find a friend who is also going & wait in line together. Having someone to chat with will make time go by faster. Also, it’s someone to hold your place in line if you need to use the restrooms.
  5. Keep an eye out for cutters. People will be trying to do this. Call ‘em out if they cut the line & yell “Back of the line”


  1. Make sure it is not broken.
  2. Keep your bobblehead(s) in your sight at all times. Treat it like your wallet and smartphone. If you need to use the bathroom and don’t want it stolen, leave it with someone you can trust.
  3. If you have a bag for it, put it at the bottom of the bag.
  4. Be careful nobody steals it during in-game contests, such as T-Shirt Toss, Hot Dog Race Quesadilla Scream. You won’t be focused on it & some klepto might snatch it.
  5. Don’t forget it on the train. That will just put a damper on the whole night.


  1. The going rate on eBay is about $80.
  2. If people are willing to pay you cash, do not accept less than $75.
  3. If you have a Square Reader (credit card reader for smartphones) BRING IT. For all you know, some idiot might pay you $100 for the bobblehead on a card.
  4. If multiple people are offering you money, tell them whoever will pay the most gets it
  5. If it gets outta hand, tell them “You know what, I’m putting it on eBay. My eBay ID is….”

About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  1. […] It’s the Seinfeld 25th Anniversary Celebration. It’s that night many have been waiting for. Some of us have been dreading it, as it will be a night full of people doing anything but watching the game. The 1st 3,000 fans into MCU Park will receive a Keith Hernandez Magic Loogie Bobblehead. Lines will be long. Make sure to read my guidelines for this. […]


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