qmeme_1404489513929_75At 6pm tonight, the Cyclones kick-off a 5 day / 7 game home-stand. Here is your guide to it:

Friday, July 4th: 6pm vs Aberdeen IronBirds

It’s Independence Day, so those post game fireworks will kick ass. It’s EMT night, so the 1st 2,500 fans into MCU Park will receive a Dri-Fit Shirt courtesy of Midwood Ambulance. Dillon Gee is making a rehab start for the Cyclones again. We are also playing the Ironbirds, so this should be an easy one.

As a reminder the game is at 6pm, not 5pm.

Saturday, July 5th: 6pm vs Aberdeen IronBirds

$_12It’s the Seinfeld 25th Anniversary Celebration. It’s that night many have been waiting for. Some of us have been dreading it, as it will be a night full of people doing anything but watching the game. The 1st 3,000 fans into MCU Park will receive a Keith Hernandez Magic Loogie Bobblehead. Lines will be long. Make sure to read my guidelines for this.

If you don’t have tickets yet, the team will sell some standing room tickets beginning at 5pm on Saturday. However, those who purchase tickets that late will most likely NOT get a bobblehead, as gates open at 4:15 for STH & 4:30 for everyone else. Gates might open earlier to due crowding. If you want to get tickets that give you a shot at the bobblehead, you can get tickets that includes meeting Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi.”

There will be plenty of Seinfeld-themed entertainment that night. The Cyclones will wear Puffy Shirts during batting practice. Before the game, there will be a cereal eating contest, an Elaine Dancing competition that determines who is Brooklyn’s worst dancer. Winner gets “A Big Salad” as a prize.

For the Ceremonial First Pitch, the Cyclones are hoping to have a Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, importer / exporter, architect & postal employee in uniform all throw out 1st pitches.

During the game, there will be plenty to distract you from actually watching the game. Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi” will be there, as well as The Real-Life Kramer (Kenny Kramer, the basis for Michael Richards character) & Rosalind Allen who appeared in the episode of “The Marine Biologist.” She will throw out a ceremonial first pitch. Doesn’t look like Keith Hernandez will show up, but you never know. Maybe he & Stu Johnson will call an inning on WKRB. There will be face painters and a Seinfeld trivia contest.

The following in-game contests will be held

  • The Junior Mint Toss
  • Eating a candy bar with a fork and knife
  • A Candy Bar lineup aka Name the Twix
  • Is it a Pick or a Scratch? We’ll show various people with their fingers in the neighborhood of their nose. Contestants will have to tell us whether it’s a pick or a scratch.
  • Fishing for Marble Rye
  • Piggy Back Races Around the Bases in honor of Kramer and the Pig Man.
  • The Shrinkage Race – kids will have to race with oversized clothes on, and then tag their parent who will complete the race wearing itty bitty children’s clothing.
  • Fattest Wallet in the Ballpark (Bonus points if you have any hard candy in there)

After the game, there is Seinfeld Style Launch-A-Ball. There are also fireworks, followed by Everyone Runs the Bases (anyone named Jerry gets a head start).

To those who like to go to watch a game of baseball, I wish you good luck, because this will be a night of anything BUT baseball.

 Sunday, July 6th: 1pm vs Aberdeen IronBirds

10404277_664848623591334_4914186462531959853_nThis is a rare 1pm start. Personally, I love the idea of an early Sunday game. It is also Jewish Heritage Day. Dr. Robert Weiss, father of Daniel “Cowbell Guy” Weiss will be singing Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem and announcing an inning in Hebrew over the PA system. Daniel “Cowbell Guy” Weiss will throw out the 1st pitch.

The Cyclones will hold a moment of silence in memory of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, the 3 Israeli Teens who were found dead last week after being kidnapped. Plus, we are playing the Ironbirds for the last time this season.

Before the game, all Tykeclones get to play catch on the field. After the game, all Kid Run the Bases.

For those buying the Family Sunday Offer, they get Pledge Allegiance to Brooklyn T-Shirt.

Monday, July 7th: vs Hudson Valley Renegades: 6pm

July 7thThis is when the craziest 24 hours in Cyclones history will begin. The Cyclones & Renegades will finish the game started on Wednesday July 2nd. That game will be 9 inning long, followed by the regularly scheduled game, which is shortened to 7 innings. That game will start 30 minutes after the 1st game, around 9:30. After the game, EVERYONE runs the bases.

The 1st 1,500 Field Box Seat Holders into MCU Park will receive a Cyclones & Stars Cap. All STHs got a voucher for it in their ticket book, so remember to bring it. It is also a Magical Monday at MCU Park.

Want a great deal for a meal? Head over to the Wine Drives and Short Hops Sports Bar next to the Administrative Offices for the $12 Brooklyn Buffet. They got an AC, nacho bar, hot dogs and more!

Tuesday, July 8th: 11:30am vs Hudson Valley Renegades.

The Cyclones & Renegades close out a crazy 24 hours with an 11:30 doubleheader. It is camp day, so game 2 will be empty. People can purchase tickets for $1 after 2pm. After the game, EVERYONE runs the bases.

This game also marks the last time the Cyclones & Renegades face off this season. The Cyclones play their 1st non-divisional game the following night.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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