With the Jersday Thursday designs being released, it’s time for another article where we ask the fans what they think about the designs.

All the fans asked are part of the Facebook group REAL BROOKLYN CYCLONES FANS.

1907684_10152447924247210_7334770813685307785_nBrian Mastro, Season Ticket Holder, Section 16

The Back to the Future one is hideous, and the vest portion covers pretty much anything identifying Brooklyn or the Cyclones. Also not a big fan of the BKLYN appearing on multiple Jerseys. The Original Road and Road Trip Jerseys are the best.


Paul Hadsall, Writer of Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff

10262204_10203828747825625_6124204116123425094_nI think this year’s designs are disappointing. Clearly somebody loves the “BKLYN” element, but it just seems like a lazy way of referring to the borough. I give points to the “Back to Future” Jersey for doing something different, but it fails for hiding the team identification. The 2001 Road Jersey is the best of the bunch, and longtime fans probably own an authentic style one.

10947183_804706832910506_6592684659609699030_nJackie Gonzalez

The 2001 Road Jersey and Road Trip Jersey are probably the top 2 best. We can all agree the Back to the Future one is hideous. The Black & Red Jersey as well as the Pinstripe Jersey are decent.


10494610_10203698526125607_5158434049127296704_nGary McDonald, Host of Cyclones Fevercast.

The Original Road and Road Trip Jerseys are nice as well as the Irish Jersey. The rest leave a lot to be desired.


60112_1547364757799_5273490_nRenee Kirsh, Former Season Ticket Holder

I personally don’t mind the Jersey Thursday but I am getting sick and tired of seeing them do an Irish Jersey every year. They need to pick a different nationality to do a Jersey. In the 15 years the team has been around they have done 2 Jewish Heritage Jerseys, but never as a giveaway. You had to try and win them or spend $100 in the Store. They have done more Irish and Italian night Jerseys than anything else.

Samuel Williams, Season Ticket Holder, Section 12.10441048_794669843918_2300325066194451144_n

From all the Jersey designs for this season I like both the 2001 Road Jersey & Road Trip Jersey. Also, I actually like the Back to the Future Jersey.


10423789_1524779881068993_4119471588022848627_nJose Vazquez, Longtime Fan

The Road Jersey is a classic. The Back to the Future Jersey covers the Cyclones logo. Put a Cyclones logo it on the left side of the chest (on Marty’s orange vest) & it’s perfect. The Black & Red Jersey by Verizon is so-so. Do away with the Irish Jersey. How about a Latino Jersey? The Road Trip & Pinstripe Jerseys are perfect. As for the Classic BKLYN Jersey, why is it so hard to write BROOKLYN? Why do they keep shortening it?

Daniel Weiss, STH Section 16; Founder of Brooklyn Baseball BanterCard Front

The Road Jersey is a nice idea, but I already got one. The Back to the Future Jersey needs to have a Cyclones logo that is more visible. The chest idea mentioned above by Jose is good. The Verizon Black & Red bit was done in 2012 & 2013 already. Try a different design that is white with black & red lettering. As nice as this Irish Jersey is, they need to spell out Brooklyn. But, I think after 5 years, let’s try something different. I’d love to see a Jewish Jersey. The Road Trip Jersey is very nice. However, I do not think it will be our new road uniforms. The Pinstripe Jersey is nice, but being a pullover might make it unpleasant to wear in hot weather. The Classic BKLYN Jersey is nice as well, but like Paul and others, I do not like how they shorten Brooklyn to BKLYN.

Nick Weisberg, Partial Plan Holder1947566_660969017343688_3021735743014003478_n, Section 10

I love the designs for this year. My favorite is the throwback road design.

 Raul Velazquez Jr – Partial Plan Holder, Section 4 267448_226849520668754_8368929_n

I think that the designs this year are ok but the jersey designs this year are not as better as the last couple of years in my opinion. But I do like 2 of the jerseys this year. The ones that I like are the 2001 Road Jersey and the Road Trip Jerseys and those are the winners in my book.

10157143_790890100931365_6054750782235510992_nDavid Pecoraro – Season Ticket Holder, Section 10

Very disappointing. The Cyclones had opportunity to re-issue classic special uniforms like Sweet & Low Breast Cancer Awareness. I have repeatedly suggested replica of the ’13 Jewish Heritage jersey. I offered to allow them to use my jerseys if they didn’t have the prototypes due to Sandy damage. Parrothead/Hawaiian jerseys were good too. They already did the replica of the road jersey for Jersey Thursday a few years ago. I know they probably can’t do the Star Wars jersey, but that would be a great reprint. Barack-lyn Jersey was great too-it made Cooperstown & sold out in minutes! The Further jersey was such a hit they did a reprint


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  2. Andrew Charles says:

    I really like these articles. Some sites don’t care what fans think, but the way you do it shows fans that their opinion matters and gives some recognition that they deserve.


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