Fans ReactWith the promo schedule being released, it’s time for another article where we ask the fans what they think. This edition’s question was “Which 3 Giveaways or Theme Nights are you most excited about & why?”

Some fans gave us their answers in order with details, some listed 3 at random. Most fans asked are part of the Facebook group REAL BROOKLYN CYCLONES FANS.

Robert Bloom1980315_10153027774382366_713347594910012527_o

Mini Plan Holder

1: 15th Anniversary Jersey.

2: Jewish Heritage Day & Bark in the Park

3: 1955 Dodgers Celebration

10517409_10153191715762366_5785643242829726596_oRobert Weiss


1: Sidd Finch Bobblehead. I remember it very well at the time & it is right to honor the greatest player that never was.

2: Honeymooners Night. Won’t be able to make it, but the show was a classic. I watch it whenever it is on PIX11

3: Jewish Heritage Day. I was happy I got to sing Hatikvah & hope to do it again this season.

1907684_10152447924247210_7334770813685307785_nBrian Mastro

Season Ticket Holder, Section 16

1: Juan Lagares Bobbleglove

2: 1955 Dodgers Celebration.

3: Pinstripe Jersey

Card FrontDaniel S. Weiss

Season Ticket Holder, Section 16. Founder of Brooklyn Baseball Banter

1: The Sidd Finch Bobblehead. I find that teams do so many gimmicky things that don’t relate to baseball. This is such a great idea, I have to praise the Cyclones staff for coming up with this. The Sidd Finch Bobblehead will top the Little Jerry Bobblebeak in my opinion.

2: Back to the Future Night. I am not in love with the giveaway jersey, but I do love the Back to the Future movies. Should be an interesting night.

3: For years I have said the Cyclones should hold Honeymooners Night. Good to see they listened. Love how they put Sandy in Ralph Kramden’s uniform. I can’t make the game because of Shabbat, but I will get one as part of my guaranteed giveaway option.

10494610_10203698526125607_5158434049127296704_nGary McDonald

Host of Cyclones Fevercast

Opening night, Irish Night, and the fireworks are always great.


1947566_660969017343688_3021735743014003478_nNick Weisberg

Partial Plan Holder, Section 10

Salute to Saved by the Bell Night & Minions Night caught my eye. I’ll definitely be getting tix to those games.

10441048_794669843918_2300325066194451144_nSamuel Williams

Season Ticket Holder, Section 12

I am looking forward Back to the Future Night, Nick Night/90’s Night & The 7 Line Invasion @ Coney Island. Back to the Future is my all-time favorite movie that plan to Cosplay as Marty McFly. Also love to be part of the 7 Line when they visit MCU Park on July 18th.

10632597_658804130893510_7143763694752684026_n-e1427843716151David Zubin

Fan, Section 16

Saved by the Bell Night; Nickelodeon Night; Bark in the Park Night.


10262204_10203828747825625_6124204116123425094_nPaul Hadsall

Writer of Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff

Sidd Finch Bobblehead Night; Saved by the Bell Night; The team photo giveaway / Fan Appreciation Day

David Pecoraro10157143_790890100931365_6054750782235510992_n

Season Ticket Holder, Section 10

Sidd Finch Bobblehead; Seinfeld Night; Juan Lagares Bobbleglove


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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