11148736_10154035493887366_3633512384043316743_nLast Friday, the Brooklyn Cyclones released their new road uniform for the 2015 season. The uniform is gray with navy sleeves & navy piping. BKLYN is spelled out across the chest with navy letters and a powder blue outline. The road cap is navy and features a powder blue BC. A new batting practice and alternate road hat with the Brooklyn Bridge arches is set on a gray front with the rest of the hat navy, including a navy bill.

Here is what some of the loyalest Mets & Cyclones fans thought of the new uniforms.

10262204_10203828747825625_6124204116123425094_nPaul Hadsall

Writer of Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff

I like the color scheme & design, but I’m not a fan of “BKLYN”… It feels like the Wilpon cost-cutting reached the Cyclones and they couldn’t afford all the letters. Points for trying something different with the BP hat, but it’s going to have to grow on me.

1947566_660969017343688_3021735743014003478_nNick Weisberg

Partial Plan Holder, Section 10

I like the color scheme, but the jersey could’ve at least spelt out “BROOKLYN” instead of “BKLYN”

Glen SchneiderGlen Schneider

Season Ticket Holder

I like the BKLYN Shortened but need the true Shortening Apostrophe. I think it’s a mistake not spelling it out for the road, they could use it for home games where some of us ‘Old Fashioned’ Fans know what it means

10441048_794669843918_2300325066194451144_nSamuel Williams

Season Ticket Holder, Section 12

Love the new designs of both the new road hats and Jersey. Been wearing the new road hat since New Years.

10494610_10203698526125607_5158434049127296704_nGary McDonald

Host of Cyclones Fevercast

Not crazy about the”BKLYN” jersey and the bridge hat. Kind of miss the red.

Ralph ScheniderRalph Schneider

Season Ticket Holder, Section 10

I personally love ’em. Especially when I first saw it modeled on Conforto. Definitely one I’m going to pick up from the team store and I don’t say that often. They also look very similar to the jerseys I made for my team in MLB the show so yeah, they took my design.

1907684_10152447924247210_7334770813685307785_nBrian Mastro

Season Ticket Holder, Section 16

I really like the colors, but I hate the BKLYN, completely ruins it.

CappyDennis Dimartino


I guess I am in the minority. I love the BKLYN. The colors are a little weak, but the jersey is GREAT. I hate the bridge. Makes no sense. We’re the Cyclones not the bridges.

267448_226849520668754_8368929_nRaul Velazquez Jr

Partial Plan Holder, Section 4

I love the color scheme and I have the new road cap and I love it but the jersey is only OK. I am not a fan of the BKLYN, and the jersey would have been great if they put the whole word BROOKLYN on the jersey. I think that the Cyclones missed the boat on the road jersey. The whole word BROOKLYN would’ve been better on the road jersey than the word abbreviation BKLYN in my opinion.

10513319_10205854433059113_5605696040609056971_nDaniel Pecoraro

Not the world’s biggest fan of “BKLYN” but it’s part of a greater trend in MiLB (the Sounds wearing a “Music City” away shirt, for example). Color scheme is good and that BP hat is destined to be a bestseller

1526402_10152738050692907_1146801393_nJordan Randall Cunningham

Nice bridge hat, and I fear I’m the only one the bold simplicity of the spelling is not lost on.

Card FrontDaniel S. Weiss

Founder of Brooklyn Baseball Banter

The color scheme is nicer. I love the old style grey & I prefer the navy sleeves to the red. However, I do not like how the team has been shortening Brooklyn to BKLYN over the years. You write the city name on the road uniforms and the team name on the home uniforms. If you do not want to write out Brooklyn, then put a BC on it. The bridge hat is nice for batting practice, but not for gameday. While I never loved the old road uniforms as much, I do miss is how the lettering on the old jerseys was the same font as the Mets road uniforms.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  1. […] Brooklyn Baseball Banter featured my comments about the Brooklyn Cyclones’ new road uniforms in their latest fan reaction article. […]


  2. […] Brooklyn Baseball Banter featured my comments on the Brooklyn Cyclones’ new road uniforms in their latest fan reaction article. […]

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