With Irish Heritage Night 24 hours away, I was very lucky to interview Scott G. Seidman, who many fans know as Scotty the Leprechaun. Scotty discusses how he got his start with the Cyclones and some of his Irish Night Antics.

Daniel S. Weiss: How did you get started doing Scotty the Leprechaun?

Scotty the Leprechaun: I’ve been doing it for years. How I got my start with the Cyclones is an intgeresting story. It was in 2007. Kevin Mahoney (who was Asst. GM at the time) was reading the NY Daily News right before St. Patrick’s Day and read an article about me in it. He asked me to come out to MCU Park that season to preform on Irish Night & the rest is history.

Daniel: So you’ve been coming every Irish Night since 2007?

Scotty: I’ve also come for Star Wars Nights as Yoda, I was here for Christmas in July and other events.

Daniel: I remember when the Cyclones did Christmas in July. You were dressed as an elf and King Henry tried picking you up like Mike Myers did to Verne Troyer in the Love Guru.

Scotty: I remember that.

Daniel: So, what has your favorite moment since preforming at MCU Park?

Scotty: In 2010, I hid in Hamilton Bennett’s locker behind his jerseys. When he came to get his Irish jersey for that night, I jumped out and he got scared. I ended up chasing him through the locker room, down the dugout tunnel, through the dugout, onto the field, down the foul line, up the stands and onto the concourse.

Daniel: Man, I would pay to see that. So, what are your favorite aspects to preforming at MCU Park?

Scotty: It’s getting to perform in front of my friends, seeing the familiar faces, making the fans happy and the smiles I put on their faces.

Daniel: I know the feeling. I’ve been enjoying your antics for years.

Scotty: I do like your beer mug hat. Kevin said they plan on doing a Scotty the Leprechaun Bobblehead once. Still don’t know what’s with that.

Daniel: That would be nice.

Scotty: As an alum of Lafayette HS, I am upset to see that fellow alum Benny Distefano is not with the team anymore.

Daniel: He is with the Mets as a roving instructor.

Scotty: Hopefully he will be here on Thursday. A lot of great people went to Lafayette: Cyclones owner Fred Wilpon, Legendary Dodger Sandy Koufax, Mets great John Franco, Mets pitcher Pete Falcone, LI Ducks Manager Kevin Baez, Joe Gambuzza (Baseball mgr at Lafayette) Bob and Ken Aspromonte, Al Ferrara & Talk show host Larry King.


I am looking forward to Irish Night. If you are there, don’t be shy. Come over & get a pic of MCU Park’s official leprechaun.

Here are some pix of Scotty at MCU Park from years past.

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About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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