qmeme_1439173188066_313It was a game that had it all. Excitement, loud fans, frustration, wasted opportunities, substitutions, & extra innings. Luckily, the Cyclones would emerge victorious.

The Cyclones got their 1st baserunner on in the Top of the 1st when Will Fulmer was hit by a pitch by Yankees starter Domingo Acevedo with one out. However, Michael Bernal would hit into a 6-3 double play to end the inning.

The Cyclones had to rely on the newly assigned Edioglis Villasmil to lead them to victory, as the Cyclones have been dealing with a number of injuries to their pitching staff.

Eddie Villasmil

Eddie Villasmil

Jeff Hendrix led off Bottom of the 1st with a single to right. Kyle Holder grounded into a 1-6-4 double play, but Thairo Estrada reached on an infield hit. He would steal 2nd, and Ryan Krill would draw a walk. Villasmil got the hottest Yankee hitter, Jhalan Jackson, to ground out to end the inning.

The Top of the 2nd saw David Thompson lead off by reaching on an error by 2B Thairo Estrada. Hengelbert Rojas went down swinging and Zach Mathieu blasted one high and far, but was catchable. With the hit & run on, Manuel Hilario singled to right, moving David Thompson to 3rd. Pedro Perez, who has not done much at the plate all year, look at strike 3 and showed his disgust to home plate umpire Matt Scott.

Villasmil got Brandon Wagner to whiff at air to start the Bottom of the 2nd. Zack Zehner reached on an infield hit and would steal 2nd the next batter. Drew Bridges singled to center, moving Zehner to 3rd. Villasmil got out of the jam when Alvaro Noriega hit into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning.

Will Fulmer

Will Fulmer

The Cyclones would get their first run of the night in the Top of the 3rd. Alfredo Reyes led off with a single to right, followed by a flyout by Tharp. Reyes would steal 2nd, which was helpful, as a single by Fulmer allowed Reyes to score and give Brooklyn a 1-0 lead. Bernal flew out to center. With Thompson up, Fulmer stole 2nd, but it would be for naught, Thompson went down swinging.

Villasmil led off the Bottom of the 3rd with a strikeout to Hendrix, followed by a flyout by Holder. Estrada drew a walk and stole 2nd, but Krill grounded out to short to 3nd the inning.

PJ Conlon

PJ Conlon

The Cyclones began the Top of the 4th with a fly out by Rojas and a groundout by Mathieu. Manuel Hilario drew a walk with 2 outs. He stole 2nd and the throw by C Alvaro Noriega was so offline, he went to 3rd on the error. However, Perez grounded out to end the inning, leaving a man in scoring position.

Villasmil would get a 1-2-3 inning in the Bottom of the 4th. Jackson flew out to center, Wagner walked and Zehner hit into a 4-6-3 double play to end it.

Reyes led off the Top of the 5th by going down swinging. Tharp linesd out to left, but Fulmer drew a walk, which caused Yankees manager Pat Osborn to pull Acevedo for Mark Seyler. Bernal singled to center, moving Fulmer to 2nd. However, Thompson popped one up in foul territory that was caught by 1B Krill.

Bridges led off the Bottom of the 5th with a walk. Noriega flew out to center, but Hendrix drew a walk, moving Bridges to 2nd.

Tom Gamboa

Tom Gamboa

Haven thrown 63 pitches, Cyclones Manager Tom Gamboa had to pull Edioglis Villasmil for Johnny Magliozzi. Magliozzi got Holder to look at strike 3 before giving up a single to Estrada that scored Bridges scores and moved Jeff Hendrix to 2nd. He got out of the inning by striking out Ryan Krill strikes out swinging, but the game was now tied at 1-1.

Rojas led off the Top of the 6th with a double to left. He would stranded there as Mathieu went down swinging, Hilario grounded out and Perez whiffed at air.

Magliozzi did well in the Bottom of the 6th, as he got Jackson to pop out, gave up a walk to Wagner before striking out Zehner & Bridges.

Reyes led off the Top of the 7th with a strikeout, but Tharp singled to center. Vinny Siena was sent in to hit for Fulmer. With Siena up, Tharp was caught 2nd and Siena grounded out to end the inning.

Siena stayed in to play 2nd and Noriega led off the Bottom of the 7th with a strikeout. That would be all for Magliozzi, as Jose Celas came in to pitch for the 1st time since July 11th.  Celas gave up a walk to Hendrix before getting Holder to hit into a 3-6 double play.

The Top of the 8th saw Gamboa showed why he is better than his predecessor Rich Donnelly, but also showed that the Cyclones cannot hit in the clutch.

Bernal led off with a walk that saw Osborn pull Seyler for Michael Schaub. Thompson singled to right, moving Bernal to 3rd. Rojas walked to load the bases. Gamboa sent Jeff Diehl to hit for the struggling Mathieu and Oswald Caraballo to run for Rojas.

Jeff Diehl

Jeff Diehl

With the Cyclones fans yelling “Let’s Go Cyclones” Diehl hit the ball 5 feet in front of the plate, and Bernal was forced out at home, while Thompson, Caraballo & Diehl all moved up a base. Brandon Brosher hit for Hilario and went down swinging. Enmanuel Zabala hit for Reyes and took strike 3 looking. With the Cyclones wasting a huge chance, some fans who made the trip began booing, as a few yelled “Fire Garcia!” at the Cyclones hitting coach as he walked in from the 3B Coaches Box.

Caraballo, Diehl and Brosher stayed in with Kaupe coming in to play 3B. PJ Conlon came in to pitch the Bottom of the 8th, which saw Estrada lead off with a double to left. Krill grounded out and Jackson flew out in a play that almost saw Reyes and Caraballo collide. Kevin Cornelius hit for Wagner and went down swinging to end the inning.

Alfredo Reyes continued his weak hitting to begin the Top of the 9th by laying down a bunt on the 1st pitch that was popped up and caught by Noriega. Tharp grounded out, by Siena drew a walk. Bernal singled, sending Siena to 2nd. Travis Hissong was called in to replace Schaub and Scaub got Thompson to strike out swinging.

Ruben Reyes

Ruben Reyes

With the game still tied, Gamboa called in Ruben Reyes to pitch the Bottom of the 9th. Reyes got through the inning, as Zehner grounded out. Bridges flew out to center and Noriega grounded out.

The Cyclones had an opportunity to win it in the Top of the 10th. Caraballo popped out and Diehl struck out, but Brosher singled to left. However, he would move no further as Kaupe was called out on strikes.

Vinny Siena

Vinny Siena

Reyes did well in the Bottom of the 10th, as he struck out Hendrix and got both Holder & Estrada to ground out.

The Cyclone would finally go ahead in the Top of the 11th, as Reyes led off with a single to right. Tharp bunted Reyes to 2nd and a single by the recently selected All Star 2B Vinny Siena sent Reyes in to score, causing the Cyclones fans in attendance to go crazy by yelling LETS GO CYCLONES. Bernal & Thompson went down swinging to end the inning.

Alex Palsha

Alex Palsha

With the game now a save situation, All Star Alex Palsha was called in to close it out. Krill led off the Bottom of the 11th with a single to right. Junior Valera ran for Krill and a wild pitch by Palsha sent Valera to 2nd. Jackson went down swinging and Cornelius popped out to Diehl. With the Cyclones fans all cheering loudly, Palsha threw one past Zehner and when HP ump Matt Scott signaled strike 3, the fans were able to celebrate by doing Mike Casiano’s HEEEEE STRUCK HIM OUT chant, one last time, as the Cyclones snapped their 5-game skid.


The Cyclones will play one last game in Staten Island tomorrow. The game will start at 7:00pm with gates opening at 6pm. For info on what is going on at RCB Park, CLICK HERE.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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