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As the Brooklyn Cyclones are a New York Mets Affiliate & they play in the NY Mets media market, I have always felt that a number of traditions must be used in both ballparks.

One of the great Mets traditions that can be heard if you sit in Section 515 at Citi Field, is Mike Casiano’s famous HEEEEEEEE STRUCK HIM OUT chant when an opposing batter strikes out..

Mike Casiano, known as the King of Citi Field, has attended over 7,000 baseball games in his life & has yet to miss a game at Citi Field. He has a streak of not missing New York Mets home games that dates back to when the Mets were still playing at Shea Stadium.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Casiano & T7L

Photos Courtesy of Mike Casiano & T7L

The chant starts with Mike yelling HEEEEEEE! for a good 5-7 seconds with your arm outstretched. As it winds down, everyone yells STRUCK HIM OUT while bending their arm.

Here is a video I shot at a game this year of Mike doing his famous HEEEEEEEE STRUCK HIM OUT chant at a Mets game this year with fans joining in.

His chant has reached real levels of popularity. The The 7 Line Army does at all the games they go to, including a trip to Yankee Stadium. Here is a video of the chant from Sunday, August 2nd (see if you can spot me in it) with tons of fans in the area chanting it.

Written by Daniel S. Weiss

Written by Daniel S. Weiss

Before the Cyclones season started, Mike told me he would love it if fans did it at MCU Park when the Cyclones played.

During the past few weeks, I have begun leading Mike’s chant in Section 16 & as the game progresses, more & more fans near me join in.

During last night’s game, Mike was in attendance & came over to Section 16 to lead the chant at one point. He got lucky that Kevin Canelon fanned 11 batters.

So, if you are at a game & hear the chant, make sure to join in!


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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