qmeme_1456248832138_205While the incredibly loyal Brooklyn Cyclones fans have had to endure another day of bad baseball, followed by a sickening sight, they can take solace in the fact that the 2015 debacle of a season has come to a close, ending their worst season in their 15 seasons of playing.

The Cyclones had a chance to play spoiler to the Staten Island Yankees, but it made no difference, as the Aberdeen Ironbirds fell to the Hudson Valley Renegades 7-1. However, they didn’t even bother sending the Yankees into the playoffs on a sour note by making them lose the regular season finale, as they lost in typical fashion, finishing the season on a 6 game losing streak.

The game would remain scoreless through 3 innings of play. In the Top of the 4th, Trey Amburgey led off with an infield hit and the error by Alfredo Reyes allowed him to reach 2nd. Ryan Krill drew a walk. A wild pitch by Cyclones starter Jose Celas made it 2nd & 3rd. Kevin Cornelius walked to load the bases. Junior Valera went down swinging, but a ground out by Thairo Estrada scored Amburgey, moved Krill to 2nd & got Cornelius at 2nd. Eduardo de Oleo doubled to right, socring Krill & Estrada. de Oleo was nailed at 3rd by RF Enmanuel Zabala.

Staten Island added another in the Top of the 6th off reliever Edioglis Villasmil. Krill reached on a 1-out single and Cornelius grounded into a force out. A double by Valera scored Cornelius and Valera went to 3rd on another error by Reyes. Villasmil got Estrada to line out to end the inning.

The Cyclones got 2 men into scoring position in the Bottom of the 6th, to knock started Derek Callahan out of the game for Travis Hissong, but failed to score.

The Yankees added another in the Top of the 7th. de Oleo reached on an error by 1B Zach Mathieu. He stole 2nd & went to 3rd on a passed ball. Kyle Holder doubled him in to make it 5-0. Villasmil would manage to get out of the inning as fans begun to leave MCU Park.

The Cyclones would get their lone runs of the game in the Bottom of the 7th. Oswald Caraballo led off with a single and a double by Hengelbert Rojas made it 2nd & 3rd. Pedro Perez continued his streak of uselessness by popping out to SS Kyle Holder. However, Yankee Manager called on Andre Del Bosque to come in. Manuel Hilario reached on an error, scoring Caraballo and making it 2nd & 3rd. Reyes was hit by pitch to load the bases and got the crowd going. However, Zabala grounds into a force out, scoring Rojas, moving to 3rd & getting Reyes at 2nd. That lead to Osborn pulling Del Bosque for Michael Schaub, who got Desmond Lindsay to ground out.

Schuab was lights out the rest of way and after striking out Reyes, the Cyclones fans had to endure the sickening sight of the Yankees celebrating on their field. Following the game, the Staten Island Yankees were incredibly classless, as they felt the need to blare their bus horn & rock their bus repeatedly.



About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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