Coca Cola LogoSay farewell to Mark Fratto announcing the beloved phrase “It’s Pepsi Max T-shirt Toss time!” as the front office will be swapping out the blue soda cups for red ones.

With the New York Mets signing a new contract with Coca Cola this past week, Coca Cola will now become the beverage of MCU Park in addition to Citi Field.

The sodas that are expected to me made available for the consumption of the fans are Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, & Nestea Ice Tea. The bottles of Aquafina water that once lined the trays of MCU Park’s vendors will now be replaced by bottles of Dasani water.

Since the team moved to Brooklyn in 2001, Pepsi was the soda of KeySpan Park & Shea Stadium. The 2016 season will begin a new minor chapter in MCU Park’s history.

With the change in soda suppliers, Pepsi will no longer sponsor the 8th inning t-shirt toss or any any giveaways. All signage throughout the ballpark will be removed during the offseason, as well as the vending machines.

MCU Park is the 2nd professional sports venue in Brooklyn to offer Coca Cola, as Barclays Center has been serving it since they opened their doors in September 2012.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  2. […] throughout the ballpark, all of which will be removed well before the season opener June 17th, as Coca Cola is now the official soda of Citi Field & MCU Park. All the Pepsi fridges were removed for Coca Cola fridges. A few Coca Cola vending machines have […]


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