IMG_0002The Brooklyn Cyclones have unveiled their Ticket Plans for the upcoming 2016 season.

The team is offering 5 Game, 6 Game & 9 Game Plans. Fans can also purchase Season Tickets.

Every year the team has different names for the plans. Some in the past have included Bobblehead plans, VIP Plans & plans named after parts of Coney Island.

5 Game Plans

This season, the team will be taking a patriotic approach for their 5 game plans. Plans have been give names such as the Betsy Ross Plan, the Lady Liberty Plan, the Old Glory Plan, the Stars & Stripes Plan & the Uncle Sam Plan.

All 5-game plans include a number of perks. Everyone will get a free game on August 1st. Fans will also get a free Replica Cyclones Cap. They will also get presale to single game tickets, access to the Open Practice & may exchange any unused tickets. Each plan comes with $20 in food vouchers to use for food or merchandise.

The cost of the 5-Game plan is $85, or $14.16 a game for 6 games.

The plans can be purchased on the Cyclones site.

6 Game Plans

The 6 game plan is titled the Red, White, & Blue Plan. Fans who purchase this plan guarantee themselves a Jersey at all 4 Jersday Thursday games, provided they arrive no later than 8pm and use the entrance via the Wine Drives & Short Hops bar.

The plan also includes tickets for August 1st, the free cap, single game pre-sale, access to the Open Practice & the right to exchange tickets.

The plan costs $96 or $13.71 a game.

The plans can be purchased on the Cyclones site.

9 Game Plans

The team is also offering a 9 Game Flex Plan.

Fans can pick any 9 games they want, which includes access to the Open Practice, Team BBQ, a free cap, single game pre-sale,  the right to exchange tickets, $30 in ballpark cash and a 10th game for free (August 1st)

The plan costs $135 or $13.50 a game. To order the plan, you must call 718-37-BKLYN (718-372-5596)

Sunday Flex Plans

The team is once again also offering a Sunday Flex Plan that includes free shirts.

Fans who purchase this get a ticket to the game on July 10th, plus any 3 Sunday games of their choice. Each game includes a FREE limited edition t-shirt. They also get $20 in ballpark cash to spend.

The cost is $70 or $17.50 a ticket. Per Ticket Plan To order the plan, you must call 718-37-BKLYN (718-372-5596)


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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