12825657_10209209594581448_303202905_nTo My Loyal Readers,

The baseball off-season is coming to a close, as in a few hours I will return to my beloved MCU Park to see the NYU Violets take the field in a twinbill against John Jay, thus ending baseball off-season for me.

With that in mind, I have two big announcements to make about this website & the Brooklyn Cyclones fan base.

I am very happy to announce that in the past week, Sam Williams, Gary McDonald & myself have managed to launch a new fan group for Brooklyn Cyclones Fans called the Boardwalk Battalion. All fans are welcome to be a part of this.


This group is based off of the New York Mets fan group, The 7 Line Army & other such groups that teams have, such as the NJ Devil’s Army, Brooklyn Brigade for the Brooklyn Nets, & the Third Rail for NYC Football Club. We will have outings to events such as Cyclones Road Games, College Baseball at MCU Park, Group Get Togethers, a NY Mets Game, the NYPL All Star Game and more.

The name was chosen by fans who are in the group REAL BKLYN CYCLONES FANS (formerly known as REAL BROOKLYN CYCLONES & BOLTS FANS). We asked for names that both related to Coney Island & unity. After narrowing it down & letting fans vote on the final name, Boardwalk Battalion was declared the winner. Gary McDonald designed the logo for us.

The webpage for the Boardwalk Battalion is available on the header of Brooklyn Baseball Banter. CLICK HERE to access it if you cannot find it.

T-Shirts in Navy, Red & Black are available for purchase HERE. We will soon have some available in White & Grey. All proceeds will go to help fund Cyclones FeverCast. Other items will be available in the coming weeks, with profits helping fund Brooklyn Baseball Banter.

BBB2I am also happy to announce that after 2 years, I have finally got around to obtaining a proper logo for Brooklyn Baseball Banter. Big thank you to Gary McDonald for designing it, just as he did with the Boardwalk Battalion Logo.

The logo will be featured in more articles this coming season and is now part of the site’s new banner. The background of the site will remain the same, to avoid distractions while reading.

Card FrontRemember to bookmark BROOKLYN BASEBALL BANTER for all your Brooklyn Cyclones news. For up to minute news,  join REAL BKLYN CYCLONES FANS. Follow us on Twitter @BKBBallBanter. You can always sign up for E-Mail news updates at the bottom of the site.

Hope to see you at MCU Park for College Baseball,

Your Pal,

Daniel S. Weiss

Editor in Chief


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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  2. Griffin Brown says:

    Crappy idea & crappy logo


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