BackgroundTo my loyal readers,

It seems like just yesterday we were sitting through a 20-inning marathon of a game to begin the season. And, low & behold, Season 16 in Coney Island has come to a close.

While it was another letdown of a season on the field, I am happy to say that during the season, the site surpassed all visitor records set in all of 2015. On a slow day during the season, the site would get roughly 1,000 readers. On a busy day, we hit 3,000 a few times. And yesterday, just under 4,000, thanks to Gavin Cecchini.

While I could list all the top articles of the season, I will save that for December, when I need stuff to post.

With that being said, the following people all deserve a shout out for helping me out this season.


Billy Harner: As always, answers my questions and continues to be one of the best PR Directors in the NYPL.

Stu Johnson: Listening to him makes me feel I am at the game. Hope he returns next season. Also, appreciate all the shout outs for our road trips.

Craig Coughlin: For always having answers about giveaways, ticketing and promotions.

Pitching Coach Billy Bryk Jr.: Always making sure I had the correct pitching matchups listed and for always leaving a batch of tickets for games in Hudson Valley, Staten Island & wherever my travels took me. Billy is an all-around great guy who shows his appreciation for the fans who come. I hope to see him back in Brooklyn next season.


  • Gary McDonald, for promoting my site on Cyclones FeverCast.
  • Rob Weiner, Mark Cohen & Robert Weiss: For correcting my spelling errors, typos and minor mistakes.
  • David Pecoraro: For his vast knowledge of the Cyclones and for driving me to games in Staten Island & Hudson Valley.


Pat OffIt is so hard to find all the right words to show how much I appreciate the help Pat Sanchez has been this season as the photographer for Brooklyn Baseball Banter.

This season, Pat has gone above & beyond with her photography. Pat managed to get so many great pictures of every guy who played for the Cyclones this season, I always have to decide which to use in my postings.

Thanks to her fabulous pictures, more people visited the site than ever before. People who have been reading for years have said to me how much better the site is with all her amazing pictures.

imageI also have to thank her for putting up with my plethora of photo requests of who to take, what type of pic to take and how many to take. When I needed pictures of guys celebrating a walkoff win, or wearing the special event jerseys, she would send them to me as soon as she could, usually between 1-3am, so they would be included in a post-game report the next morning.

I also thank Pat & Hernan for joining the overnight trip to Hudson Valley. She got so many great pics from that trip and the trip I took to Binghamton 2 days later. She and Hernan arranged for player-guest tickets to be left for those who went up to Binghamton that day.

Once the World Baseball Classic ends, which I will cover, I will be taking a break until New Years. I will post any news I find, but there won’t be so much. Once 2017 rolls around, I will be posting a bit more. Fan of the Week will return, I will post some of my ideas on how the team can improve attendance, & I will let everyone know when there will be a college baseball game to catch in Coney Island.

DanielTo stay on top of all Cyclones news, join REAL BKLYN CYCLONES FANS & follow @bkbballbanter on Twitter. If you do not use social media, you can subscribe via email. Go all the way to the bottom of the page & look at the bottom left where it says Subscribe to Brooklyn Baseball Banter.

Have a great off-season,

Daniel S. Weiss


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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    Do you think Tim Tebow is coming to the Cyclones?!

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