With the Brooklyn Bolts officially out of business, we asked some of the very loyal fans about their feelings to what happened in the latest edition of FAN REACTION.

This will also be the final article about the Brooklyn Bolts on Brooklyn Baseball Banter, barring any return of the Bolts.

Rob Weiner

Rob Weiner

Rob Weiner

Brooklyn Bolts Fan

It sucks. I always had fun at Brooklyn Bolts games, despite the weather at certain games.

I know little about football, but hanging with my friends from the Cyclones games in the off-season was nice. I put together group outings during both seasons. I have enough Bolts hats to open a store now.

stuart-feibuschStuart Feibusch

Brooklyn Bolts Fan

My only memory is when someone asked me to get him a giveaway jersey because he couldn’t make it. Having never been to a Pro Football game. I thought this was the next best thing.

Only problem was that the game was played in hurricane type weather. There were about only 100 fans in attendance and I give them credit. It was an adventure and quite an experience.

Robert Bolts

Robert Bloom

Brooklyn Bolts Season Ticket Holder 2014

I am upsetting it was folding. It was nice to have, plus the location was very good. It was a nice league, but it didn’t work.

It would have been nice if the League had good financial backing and more than one successful team. In a sport like football, it takes at least 4 teams to make a real league. The NFL should invest in a real minor league system.

Dmitry BoltsDmitry Kristal

Brooklyn Bolts Season Ticket Holder 2014 & 2015

It made me appreciate NFL talent more because most of the players were subpar talent. Adding shaky weather and most games were a complete mess with bad plays and fumbles. That made me forget the fact that Bolts won all but one game.

12899882_10154714928457366_419172978_nTommy Cassidy

Brooklyn BoltsSeason Ticket Holder 2015

I liked the idea of minor league football but the support wasn’t there from the beginning.

LemonJeffrey Lemon

Brooklyn Bolts Fan

I loved the idea, but there was very little support for the team other than Cyclones season ticket holders and fans.

Sorry to see them go. I had fun at the games even sitting through hurricane force winds

Sam Williams Outside MCU Park

Samuel Williams

Brooklyn Bolts Fan

It’s a shame that the Brooklyn Bolts folded. It was the first team I got to see play a football game.

Had fun at the games which brings back good memories. Once the league cancel the championship game for both seasons had a feeling that the league won’t last. Seems to be a good product & still have a fan base.

Daniel S. Weiss

Editor-in-Chief of Brooklyn Baseball Banter & Brooklyn Bolts Fan

Daniel Weiss (c) Pat Sanchez

Daniel Weiss (c) Pat Sanchez

I first have to thank the Mets for making the World Series. Had it not been for that, I never would have attended a Brooklyn Bolts due to the rescheduling of the final Bolts game. The original scheduling had all the Bolts home games for either on Shabbat or on a Jewish Holiday. However, I made every effort I could to follow the FXFL.

When I was finally able to attend a game, I could tell from what I saw happening in the league at the time that it was most likely the final one ever. I am happy I got to go to a Bolts game. I had fun sitting with friends & cannot remember many aspects of the game itself.

The idea of having football in Minor League Ballparks makes sense from a financial aspect, as field time is cheap, but you end up with some of the most awful sight-lines for football. Either you sit behind one end zone, or you sit on the sidelines, but hundreds of feet back from the action. Factor in that MCU Park is not steep at all.

However, there isn’t much else to say. The Bolts were the only good thing in a failing league. They had a nice logo & awesome gear and I will rep them for years to come.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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