(c) Sheldon Pincus

(c) Sheldon Pincus

Every year since 2011, the Brooklyn Cyclones attendance has dropped significantly. While they remain at the top of the New York-Penn League in attendance, games are noticeably emptier than they once were. Jersday Thursdays were once a standing room only crowd, but cannot sell out anymore.

Fans who stopped coming have given multiple reasons. Some mention the quality of play, others say the novelty has worn off. Some list various irritants that should be addressed.

Over the next few weeks I am going to point out a few things the Brooklyn Cyclones front office needs to improve on to increase attendance. We discuss this week the issue of Ticket Prices.

Having been to over 20 MiLB & Independent League ballparks in the NYC area, MCU Park is by far the most costly to attend a game at. The cost of food is higher than almost any other MiLB Stadium, but food will be discussed soon. However, the cost of season tickets ranks highest in the NYPL and the game day ticket prices are also in the higher echelons.

Our rival Staten Island is slowly becoming more affordable. The Yankees (or whatever they will be called) dropped the costs of tickets in some areas the past few years. $9 tickets are available on gameday in the last sections. Those same seats cost $16 in Brooklyn. The cost of Season Tickets in Staten Island for 2016 was $418 on the season, or $11 a game.

I should also point out that it is also cheaper to attend a game at Citi Field for the following reasons.

  • As a college student, I can purchase a $10 ticket at the Box Office on game day, which gets me a seat in the 500 level. Already, a savings of $2-$9. (Student Tix are only good Mon-Fri). Students can purchase a few tickets, which means other non-students can partake in the savings.
  • Fans can bring their own food in to Citi Field, saving a ton of money. MCU Park, like all MiLB stadiums, does not permit outside food. However, some ballparks, like Binghamton, don’t even have security checks, making it very easy to bring food in.
  • When fans sign up for Designated Driver at Citi Field, the free soda they receive is 21 ounces, all season long. Some fans, go to all three Designated Driver stands to get multiple sodas each game.

So looking at those factors, it is not hard to understand why some fans prefer going to Citi Field over MCU Park, especially on Free Shirt Fridays.

The solution is quite simple: The Cyclones would make more money selling on volume at a lower price. Teams that have done it have seen boosts in attendance.

Obviously, I realize that they are in NYC and have high operating costs, some of which can be slashed. However, a team that is seeing the attendance numbers drop significantly each season needs to consider that selling on volume will turn the place around.

With higher attendance, the team can then make more money on concessions, souvenirs & even advertising sales.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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