DSC03610Part of being a Season Ticket Holder for the Brooklyn Cyclones means getting many perks with your purchase. Most teams just give fans 38 tickets and nothing else much.

Season Ticket Holders for the Brooklyn Cyclones are able to enter MCU Park 15 minutes before everyone else in a dedicated STH Gate. We get free playoff tickets (something that has not been necessary since 2012), and can exchange unused tickets, which is common in MiLB. We also to take Batting Practice on the Field and enjoy a barbecue with the players. Another perk that most fans use are free parking passes & ballpark cash, plus a ticket for a Mets game.

We also get a gift from the team. The past two seasons, and as in many cases during the team’s 16 year history, fans have been receiving a special Brooklyn Cyclones hat.

Quite honestly, the last thing I need is yet another Brooklyn Cyclones cap, as I own 63 different Brooklyn Cyclones hats. Many fans I have spoken to have agreed with me on this and even refer to how much better perks have been in the past.

In fairness to baseball caps, they are cost effective, people use them and the team can reuse them down the line. However, in the past, the Cyclones has given to Season Ticket Holders better gifts, like sweatshirts, sleeved blankets, unique jerseys, as well as an array of desk displays, such as a miniaturized version of a seat at MCU Park, or a Cyclones cap on a little stand. Getting a cap doesn’t feel like such bang for our buck.

This is another area where the team can improve making Season Ticket Holders happy. I for one would like them to reconsider the Sweatshirt idea from a few years back.

For those who want to read Part 1, written in late 2014: CLICK HERE.

EDITORS NOTE: Many of my off-season articles are written in September and as each week comes, I try publish a different one. Having moved on from the Improving MCU Park Series, I have this new Improving STH Perks series ready to go. I did not realize we would be receiving our Season Ticket Holder renewal letters this past Monday, which offers Grand Slam Members with a Cyclones jacket.


About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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