qmeme_1477696236870_91Before I reveal number one to my list of the Top 10 games I attended during the 2016 season, I will list the games that just missed being on the list.

There were a quite few other games I strongly considered putting on the list, but ultimately did not. This was usually due to varying factors. While the game is usually the real reason, I do look at other factors which can affect my enjoyment of the game. Also, when attending so many games, some do not stand out as much as others.

  • When I did a group outing on April 26th, Yoenis Cespedes hit a pinch hit 3-run homer to put the Mets ahead of the Cincinnati Reds. However, it was such a cold & miserable night, it did not make my list. I also had a hard time selling tickets, as it was both Passover & the Cyclones held STH night the same game. This one could tie with my trip to Tri-City for the 10th spot, but it was such a miserable night, I couldn’t really enjoy the game.
  • I made a trip to Riverfront Stadium in Newark on May 19th, as I thought they would be tearing down the ballpark shortly after. However, I was told by someone who used to work the Bears it won’t happen for a couple of years. I really did not follow the game, so it would not count in anyway in list of games I attended. I mainly went to take photos of what I thought would be my last time there. I cannot even remember who NJIT played that day.
  • My trip to Ripken Stadium on July 5th did not make the list, as I barely followed the parts of the two games I saw. I went to check out a new ballpark, and had little interest in seeing the Ironbirds take on the Black Bears. Going to Aberdeen was also not our original plan, as we had originally slated that day to go to Hartford to see the Binghamton Mets take on the Yard Goats. However, Dunkin Donuts Park wasn’t even complete, so we settled on going to Aberdeen.
  • Going to the Sussex Miners on July 28th also came close, as I saw many former Cyclones and Mets players, as well as some people I knew from the Newark Bears. It was also cool to go to a former NYPL stadium in Skylands Stadium. However, it was a drizzly night and the poorly attended game wasn’t worth watching. The affordability stood out in my mind, but not enough to make the list, as I only scored a few innings of a very sloppy game.
  • When I did the outing to the Mets game in April, Sam William’s had a problem picking his up a ticket that somebody else left for him. HE called me and told me he had a problem. So, I gave him an unused ticket from my event that I was not going to use. Fast forward to the morning of July 30th. Sam calls me, saying someone wasn’t using their ticket that night, when the Mets retired #31 for the great Mike Piazza. He said I could have it for free, as a thank you for helping him out in April. The jersey retirement ceremony was great & Piazza spoke incredibly well, but the Mets played so terribly, it wasn’t enough to make the list.
  • The Brooklyn Cyclones had a comeback in Staten Island on August 18th, one so good, it was worth waiting on the side of RCB Ballpark to greet the players as they exited. Down 5-0, the Cyclones eventually came back to win, and all the Cyclones fans got loud. But it did not mean much in the end, as the Cyclones lost 2 out of 3 from the Yankees that week.
  • Great Britain beating Brazil during the WBC Qualifier was an exciting game, as I wanted Brazil to fall to Great Britain. However, there was nothing that memorable about it.



About Daniel S. Weiss

I have been an avid Cyclones fan since 2001. In December of 2013 I decided to launch my own blog "Brooklyn Baseball Banter" to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones.

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