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Daniel WeissOver the years, I have scored baseball games on various scorecards. Some have been provided by teams, some were printouts, others came from friends. Over time, I found some scorecards that I liked & many that I do not like. Some were lacking features like a diamond, while some had features I loved such as inning stats. The Brooklyn Cyclones scorecard in their program became a preferred one, as it had room for up to 11 innings.

Following the 2014 season, I set out to create me own scorecard that would not only be to my personal liking, but for those who, like me, keep good stats at various levels of baseball, despite the fact that we are a dying breed.

I was big on using one of the scorecards that is available for free from Patrick McGovern’s baseballscorecard.com. Using McGovern’s Vertical Scorecard as a template I made one to my liking. I resized the boxes, removed the boxes for batters 10-12, added room for 8 total pitchers & a box to indicate Right or Lefty. I also added in a small stats box.

For the 2015 Cyclones season, I made more changes for what I dubbed at the time, my ULTIMATE SCORECARD. Certain features added were line scores, reformatted the summary boxes, made room for 9 pitchers, a note box & defensive alignment.

For the 2016 season, I decided to modify it to add in even more features. Some included were:

Pitch count boxes are added for each at bat. Oval boxes to identify OUT MADE IN INNING & rectangular boxes to list RBIs. If you need help understanding the AT BAT BOXES, click HERE for a guide.

In the inning summary, one can separate unearned runs. Boxes for Left in Scoring Position were added in as well to aid in post game stats.

Add pitchers stats such as Wild Pitch, Balk & Hit Batters. Added Catcher’s stats for Interference & Balk.

I made a few more changes for 2017, adding in boxes for summaries, and adding in ejection details.

I want to thank 2 people for their input & influence on this. I want to thank Gershon Rabinowitz, who also covers the Cyclones. His suggestions were boxes for a pitchers pitch count. That was added, along with room for balls & strikes. He also suggested defensive alignment.

I also want to thank Robert Bloom, who has a binder full of different scorecards from his travels teams over the years. He let me thumb through it to figure out what to add & not to add.